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Hey, I'm Owen

I'm the creator of Code Dad, father and self-taught programmer. My mission is to balance life, work, family, all while learning to code, and hopefully help others who want to do the same.

After becoming a father in towards the end of 2016, I embarked on a journey to become a self-taught programmer.

It has been hard trying to balance a full-time job, keeping fit, adjusting to life with a new baby, and learning to code. Although, somehow I managed it, and learned so much along the way.

Not just about programming, but how to live a balanced life, achieve personal goals, be productive and stay motivated!

I created Code Dad for a couple of reasons. But the main reason is that I wanted to share my experience in hopes that I can help people like myself, who either want to learn to code, balance their lives, embark on personal development, or just lead a more productive life.

Time has become such a precious commodity in modern society. We are all trying to juggle so many things that making time and balancing everything has become a real skill.

So…that’s where I come in.

I hope you will follow my learning journey, watch as I aspire to become a professional developer, and keep up with the blog posts. My hope is that the blog and my story will inspire and help you achieve your own goals. Whether that’s to become a developer as well or something completely different.

Thanks for stopping by!

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