LEARN CODE from these 12 BRILLIANT Udemy Instructors


I am a big fan of the Udemy platform, it’s what opened the door for me to learn code. It’s such an accessible platform where you can pick up an amazing course for as little as £10. The only trouble is there’s TOO MUCH CHOICE! There are some brilliant Udemy instructors, and equally some not so brilliant. And while the financial loss isn’t that great the lose in time is! So to save you time and the hassle of weeding through instructors I have compiled a handy list.

I have been using Udemy for over a year now, and I have become familiar with a number of top instructors. Many of whom I personally have used. So, if your looking to take advantage of the Udemy platform to learn code here is my recommended list of top instructors to check out, in no particular order.


Tim Buchalka

Subjects: Java, Python, App Development
Specialties: Java & Android App Development


Tim brands himself as the Aussie Android Dev Guy and it shows. His Java and Android courses are brilliant! This I can personally attest to after completing his Java Masterclass course. There are tons of detailed explanations and hours upon hours of content. With more always being added and updated. His courses also teach you best practices to help you write clean code.

Tim is a greatly experienced Java, Python, and Android programmer, with 30+ years under his belt. He’s greatly skilled at explaining complex topics in a way that a beginner can understand. And if you are a fan of projects and coding challenges like I am, Tim has got you covered.

Should you happen to get stuck along the way you will be happy to know that Tim is always there with a speedy response.

 As a side note, Tim has recently launched his Learn Programming Academy on Udemy. This academy has pulled together some expert instructors to bring you courses on a wider range of topics such as Game Development, Ruby, Xamarin, Ethical Hacking, Data Structure and Algorithms and more.

Student Review:

“Really well put together course. Coming from Java masterclass I am already a fan of Tim’s courses. Really excited about the learning academy set up and looking forward to taking more courses by Tim. He’s a great instructor, replies to questions within a days time and keeps his content updated.” – Abubakar Khan

4.6 Average Rating
43712 Reviews
215633 Students
5 Courses


Brad Hussey

Subjects: Web Design & Development, WordPress Theme & Plugin development, Sass, PHP
Specialty: Web Design & Development


Brad is a freelance Web Designer, Developer, Blogger, and Entrepreneur. Plus, he’s also a really refreshing and engaging Udemy instructor.

Many of his students have praised his style. Brad tries to keep things light and entertaining while teaching you complex concepts in a simple manner.

His courses are a bit different from some of the other Web Developers on this list as he also teaches you design. Brad’s Web Designer & Developer course will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other development technologies. But you will also learn Photoshop so you can create the designs for your very own website.

Brad also aim to support your career development by imparting his wisdom gained as a freelancer to help you become a professional. And as the same with all these instructors, Brad is ready and raring to support you in the Q&A section.

Student Review:

“I have taken a few courses on coding, but in my opinion this has been the best.

Brad is a very engaging teacher, he gets to the important points about each topic and has cleared up lots of issues that I have had since learning to code.

He is obviously a dedicated teacher and I can tell from the contents of the course that he has made an extensive effort to include as much as he can on aspects of coding.

Since starting this course my coding skills have developed immensely. I have gone from creating my own basic web page to designing and coding fully functioning websites.

I will continue to keep an eye out for other courses by Brad to further develop my web coding skills.” – Sarah Anne Buttery

4.5 Average Rating
25233 Reviews
281315 Students
10 Courses


Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Subjects: Web Development Frameworks & Technologies
Specialties: React, Vue.js, Angular


Max is a great instructor and self-taught professional programmer so understands the difficulties for his students and is always there to help. Also like many other great instructors on this list, he has a real focus on learning by doing. So you don’t passively sit back and watch!

Most of his courses do have a prerequisite of some basic Web Development knowledge such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, that is to be expected when you want to learn JavaScript frameworks.

If you do already have some knowledge of Web Development and want to learn the latest technologies and frameworks like React, Vue.js, Angular, then check out his courses.

I personally was very interested to see that he had a course on Progressive Web Apps as it’s a subject I would love to learn. But it also goes to shows that he’s here to bring you some of the latest and trending topics.

Student Review:

“The best way of learning is through learning from examples, and this course has lots of examples to demonstrate how a method works and it doesn’t work. Would want to recommend to people who are interested in Angular to try it out. I have benefited so much from Max and have started with his another course, Angular Styling & Animations. BIG thanks to Max.” – Simon Low

4.7 Average Rating
65202 Reviews
195337 Students
18 Courses


Mark Price & Devslopes

Subjects: Web Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development, Design, React, Angular, API Development
Specialties: Apple software, iOS App Development and UX/UI


Mark is a great instructor for varying reasons. For one, his courses are fun and interesting! No chance of falling asleep or being bored stiff. But in addition to being engaging, they teach you the essentials of each topic.

I have personally used his courses and have found them really helpful, with a great approach for beginners. He focuses on what you need to know, and keeps you engaged by building interesting apps that also look good! The concepts are simply explained, which makes them very accessible.

His approach is greatly career orientated, aiming to equipt you with real-world professional developer skills. You get a good idea of how the pro’s approach development. Plus you learn best practices of the trade to prepare you for a career.

As an added bonus, Mark’s courses come with access to a large community of developers, where you can receive support and network.

Mark and the Devslopes team have a great selection of courses on varying subjects. But if you’re particularly interested in developing software for Apple products then I highly recommend Mark and Devslopes.

They have a number of dedicated courses on iOS Development, plus courses on macOS and tvOS. Also, if you head over to their website, Devslopes.com, you will find a whole lot more, including watchOS, iOS Face ID and how to integrate Siri into your apps. Devslopes aim is to give you the skills you need to work as a professional developer or launch your own business.

Student Review:

“I’ve done Mark’s courses before, so I knew he was an excellent teacher, but this course so far surpasses even his own excellent past courses – it seems much more focused, goal oriented and clearly structured besides being easily understandable with actual working apps being built even while learning programming concepts. I learned a lot previously, but this time it looks like I have a clear path of progression through the course.

Having completed half of the course material, I’m very excited about putting to good use all the things I have learned. The additional teachers in this course, JonnyB and Caleb, are also excellent, and the course material is very up-to-date. I especially like how they add new content frequently to ensure that everything is consistent with the latest coding practice. ” – Minni K. Ang

 4.5 Average Rating
32252 Reviews
239857 Students
20 Courses


Jose Portilla

Subjects: Python, Scala, SQL, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Web Development
Specialty: Python


I am just going to dive in and say that if you are interested in Python, and all the different things you can do with it, then Jose may be your guy!

Jose is a Data Scientist, who has a great number of courses built around the Python language. His most popular is designed to take you from zero to Python hero. In addition, he has a ton of other courses built around Python and what you can do with it.

To name a few, he has courses on Python for Web Development, Big Data, Machine Learning, Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading, and more!

As for his approach, Jose is another great instructor who provides an interactive experience. Complete with quizzes, tests, and homework assignments and projects. And he is always available to provide support should you get stuck at any point.

He is also another one who is great at keeping his courses up to date.

If you’re interested in Python or already know some Python but want to expand your skills then Jose is one to remember. Many students highly recommend his courses.

Student Review:

“Jose Portilla is a really experienced, pedagogue and articulate teacher, his materials are more than enough to give you the basics of the course. He is also aware that maybe some of the students are familiar with Python, no worries, he manages to include them as well in the course, he offers direction of research to widen your knowledge.

I can’t thank him enough and I recommend him without hesitation.” –  Azeddine Rachih

4.5 Average Rating
78966 Reviews
366606 Students
13 Courses


Jonas Schmedtmann

Subjects: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Sass
Specialties: Front-End Web Development, JavaScript, CSS and Sass


Jonas is a Web Developer, popular Udemy instructor, and a brilliant choice if you want to learn how to make beautiful websites or become an advanced JavaScript programmer.

In addition to building real-world projects, his courses utilize challenges and exams to keep you engaged and test your knowledge.

Jonas prides himself on providing “fast and friendly support” so you don’t feel like you are left in the dark.

Many people really praise his Advanced CSS & Saas course, along with his Complete JavaScript course. So, if your passionate about learning JavaScript or building beautiful websites with advance topics then Jonas may be the Udemy instructor for you.

Student Review:

“Amazing course! It’s great teacher and teach step by step from very beginning. At the end I was completely able to fully understand JavaScript. I have no words to say how thanks I’m for such nice explanations.” – Airton Esmerio

4.6 Average Rating
29879 Reviews
240453 Students
4 Courses


Rob Percival

Subjects: Web Development, Mobile App Development
Specialty: Web Development


You may already be aware of Rob as he is probably one of the most well know programming instructors on Udemy with a massive user base already. Certainly the highest on this list.

Although a large number of students does not necessarily guarantee quality, I can personally assure you that Rob’s is a great instructor.

Rob comes from a teaching background and has a real knack for easing beginners into the world of programming. His courses are hugely interactive, which is something I always look for. I’ve enjoyed his quizzes, challenges and a range of projects.

Rob has a hugely popular Web Development course, which will teach you everything you need to know to create amazing websites but also HTML based mobile apps, which I thought was unique.

In addition to his Web Development course, he has courses for both Android and iOS App Development, which he is very good at keeping up to date. In fact, he recently updated his iOS course and has re-released his Android course to include Android Oreo.

I personally enrolled on his Android Developer course and have really enjoyed the content as well as the hands-on support from Rob in the Q&A section. I got stuck a lot! So thanks Rob!

Student Review:

“Excellent! When I took this course, I knew next to nothing about Web Developing. In less than three weeks, I had quite a good understanding of basic and not-so-basic concepts on how to make a website. Rob is an excellent teacher, I liked the rhythm of the course, and especially the challenges: not too easy, not too hard, but you are required to do certain things on your own to complete them (and if you can’t, you just go ahead let Rob tell you how). I strongly advise this course to everyone who wants to become a Web Developer from scratch.” – Nicolas Porreca

4.6 Average Rating
94442 Reviews
470984 Students
22 Courses


Angela Yu

Subjects: Swift, iOS App Development
Specialty: iOS App Development


At the time of writing this post, Angela may not have as may students, reviews or courses, compared to the some of the other instructors on this list. However, saying that, she still has a great number of students and reviews. But the point I am trying to make is stats aren’t everything.

I have included Angela because of high quality and hugely popular iOS 11 & Swift 4 bootcamp course. Here is another instructor perfect for someone interested in iOS App Development.

She has received great praise for her explanations and ability to teach the topic. Angela has hands-on experience as a bootcamp teacher for the London App Brewery. So by taking her courses, you can feel like you are receiving the bootcamp treatment.

You will get a full experience with Angela, filled with projects and great community support.

Student Review:

“This is a truly fantastic course; it vastly exceeded my expectations in every way. I have done a lot of self-study and guided study over the years, and I can say without hesitation that this has got to be the best approach available for quickly learning iOS development. The content is current, relevant, and well developed.

Angela does a beautiful job of explaining and demonstrating all of the concepts, complete with sample code, brilliant challenges, and animated slides for visual aid. She has also somehow managed to update the material and sample project code at pace with the rapidly changing new releases of Xcode, iOS and macOS. Every time I got stuck there was already an answer in the Q&A section. This course is an incredible value, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in mobile app development, regardless of experience level.” – Mike Thompson

4.8 Average Rating
7686 Reviews
43049 Students
3 Courses


Ben Tristem

Subjects: C++, C#, Game Development, Unity, Unreal
Specialty: Game Development


For those with dreams about becoming a Games Developer, you may be interested to know about Ben Tristem. All of his courses are centered around Game Development with his focus on “teaching code the fun way. By making games”.

Brilliant, more courses where you actually make stuff. And that’s not sarcasm by the way.

His courses teach you how to make mobile games with Unity and C#, or more powerful games with the Unreal engine and C++.

While you learn about Game Development you will also learn about languages such as C# and C++ as they are covered in the course (so beginners, don’t need to worry about zero experience!). Plus, once you are done you can transfer your knowledge of these languages to other areas should you wish.

The subjects taught can sometimes be difficult to grasp but Ben’s courses are very beginner friendly. Plus he is always available to respond to questions if you get stuck. So if you want someone to ease you into the complex, Ben is a great choice.

Student Review:

“Amazing course. I recommend it highly. I learned c# and made some cool games. Already bought his newer course on this and will happily sit through another 50+ hours learning from this dude. Thanks for taking this seriously and helping everyone reach their goals/ giving everyone a place to start.

The community is very helpful as well (in their discussion boards).” – Christopher Ortega

4.7 Average Rating
52544 Reviews
283768 Students
5 Courses


Colt Steele

Subjects: Web Development, SQL & Databases
Specialty: Full Stack Web Development


Colt is here to bring the bootcamp experience for aspiring Full Stack Web Developers.

As a bootcamp instructor, Colt is trying to bring his classroom lessons to the online community. His courses bundle a variety of key technologies and languages together so you get a complete experience.

For those interested in becoming a Web Developer, or ever a better Web Developer, Colt needs to be on your radar! He has 3 very successful courses, which he has put a lot of care and attention into. Quality vs Quantity all the way!

So many people have personally recommended him to anyone looking to break into Full Stack Web Development. In fact, I’ve even bought his Web Developer Bootcamp course, and although I am still working through it, I feel more than happy to personally recommend him as well.

Simply, the content is great and his support is great.

Student Review:

“Colt is an amazing teacher. It is very rare to come across a person who has incredible knowledge of the subject and yet has the exceptional skill to communicate it effectively. The greatness of a teacher is one who makes even complex concepts look simple. Colt possesses all these traits and this is what makes him stand apart.

The course is very lucid, easy to follow and the real world app is created from scratch as Colt leads students by the hand. It has been an incredible learning journey and I thank Colt and his assistants Ian and Zarko for all their help. If you are a newbie or even an intermediate level programmer, get this course PERIOD. You will not regret it one bit. Thanks all!” – Ravi

4.7 Average Rating
52432 Reviews
225155 Students
3 Courses


Stephen Grider

Subjects: GOLang, JavaScript, React, Redux, MongoDB and other Web Technologies
Specialty: React


Stephen is another notable instructor for those with some existing programming experience. Many people really enjoying his courses, which he has created to share his Web Development knowledge with other Software Engineers and Programmers.

Many of his courses focus on the trending technologies such as React with Redux, plus a great selection of others.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn code you may want to come back to Stephen’s courses later as many require previous knowledge. However, you don’t need to be an expert, just some basic knowledge of HMTL, CSS, and JavaScript and you should be fine.

So if you’re looking to level up your skills with the latest and greatest tech then he is a great choice.

Student Review:

“Probably one of the best online courses to learn ReactJs. Stephen is a very good teacher, his explanations are simple and clear and the curve of difficulty of the course is coherent for effective knowledge.” – Michaël Louis-Jean

4.7 Average Rating
60772 Reviews
143524 Students
15 Courses


Mosh Hamedani

Subjects: C#, Xamarin, ASP.NET, MVC 5, Angular and Redux
Specialties: C# and .NET


Mosh has a selection of courses targeting both beginners as well as those with experience.

A complete beginner can hop in and start learning the basics of C# and programming. Then soon progress through to his more intermediate and advanced C# courses.

Equally, those with some experience, interested in ASP.NET, Xamarin or Angular, and Redux, will find value in his courses.

Mosh has received a great deal of positive feedback from his students who feel his courses are very well structured, well explained and well delivered.

Aside from producing courses on Udemy, Mosh is also the author of a #1 raking course on Pluralsight (Become a Full-stack .NET Developer).

Student Review:

“The content is explained in a very simple way. Ideal speed and presentation for a beginner. I highly recommend this course to beginners in c sharp programming.The best part is the Exercises and quizzes.The exercises help you analyze and validate the knowledge gained.This beginner course has given me confidence and motivation to move onto the Intermediate course . Hoping that would be fun to learn as well.” – Harshad Pandit

 4.6 Average Rating
57771 Reviews
162400 Students
18 Courses



These are just a FEW great programming instructors on Udemy. There are undoubtedly many more who may deserve to be on this list.

However, I have tried to be selective so I don’t overwhelm the list. This also allows me to narrow down your choices with specialist instructors for certain topics. The idea is this will hopefully make the choice of instructor easier for those who already know want they want to learn.

Whenever you are to pick a course on Udemy there are a few factors you need to consider before your purchase. Here’s a little checklist to help.

5 things to consider about an instructor when buying a course on Udemy 

  • Are they responsive to comments?
  • Do they regularly update their courses?
  • Have they received a high rate of positive feedback from a reasonable number of reviews?
  • What do the reviews say?
  • Are their courses interactive i.e. project based, quizes, challenges etc?

I recommend factoring in these questions whenever you’re picking a course on Udemy. And just so you know, all the above instructors ticked every box!

The next problem is figuring out what to learn! But I’ve also got a post to help with that as well. So are you struggling to choose your first programming language?


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